Money Mailer Delivers Local Savings to Your Phone With the Money Mailer Coupons App and Local Text Message Programs.

The Money Mailer Coupons App

Where can I find the Money Mailer Coupons App?

iPhone and iPad users can visit the App Store and search for Money Mailer. Click here
Android users can visit Google Play and search for Money Mailer. Click here

How do I redeem a coupon?

Each store will have its own redemption process, but in general you’ll just need to press the Redeem button on the app and show the code to the cashier. While most businesses listed in the app will allow you to redeem from your phone, some business may change their redemption policies.  If you have a problem redeeming, email us at

How often are new coupons added?

New coupons are added approximately every 6 weeks, depending on your location.

When do the coupons expire?

When you select a specific coupon on the app, the expiration date will be listed under the offer details.

How do I print coupons from the app?

If you would like to print out a coupon from the app, select the offer and tap the Share button. From here you will be able to email yourself the coupon and print it from your computer, although in most cases you won’t need to print.

How do I share coupons from the app?

After selecting a coupon on the app, tap the Share button, which will enable you to share the offer via email, Facebook or Twitter. When sharing by email, the app will automatically fill in all the offer details. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s address.

Can I search for coupons outside my area?

Absolutely! Simply go into the app’s settings and change your search to “ZIP code.” You’ll then be prompted to enter the ZIP code you’d like to search. When you’re done, just change the setting back to “Current Location” to go back to searching coupons in your area.

Text Message Coupons

Here’s how it works:

1. Coupons are sent directly to your cell phone via text messages. To redeem a coupon, just show it to the cashier when you pay.

2. Choose which businesses can send coupons to your phone by signing up with one business at a time. You’re in control of the offers you receive.

3. To sign up with a business:

  • Find the business’ keyword on their ad in your Money Mailer envelope or in the locations of participating businesses – look for an in-store display with their keyword.
  • Here’s an example: The keyword for Pizza Joe’s is PZZJOE01. To receive a special coupon from Pizza Joe’s text PZZJOE01 to 686868.
  • Your first coupon will arrive right away! You ‘ll receive up to 4 additional text messages from this merchant per month.


What if I need Help?

  • Text the keyword HELP to 686868.

Can I forward text message coupons to my friends?

  • Yes you can!

What if I change my mind about receiving coupons on my cell phone?

  • To opt-out of receiving coupons from a business, reply to a message with STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUB. You will receive a return text message confirming that you will no longer receive coupons from this business.

What is your Privacy Policy?

  • All opt-ins will be kept confidential. You will only receive messages from the businesses (keywords) for which you enrolled (opted-in). Money Mailer will not use your cell phone number for any other purpose.

Will I receive spam?

  • No. You will receive offers only from the businesses you specifically approved.
  • I have a business - how can I learn more about the Money Mailer MobileTM program? Contact your local Money Mailer representative by calling 1-800-Mailer-1